Al-Tahaduth for Telecommunication services (TTsis owned and operated by Iraqis and is an independent Iraqi company established in 2003 and became one of the leading Iraqi contractors to provide wireless infrastructure.
TTs is a private company that uses its own teams for the projects , The backgrounds of the employees are rooted in communications and construction with over 5 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves in being able to offer total commitment to ensure your project is completed in a timely and successful manner. We own and run professional training centers in both Jordan and in Iraq and there are team members physically located in company branches in Jordan as well as Northern, Central and southern Iraq. Specialties include: Installation, commissioning and testing of wireline, wireless and IT technology; Business Development & Market Insight; Business cultural dynamics education; Information gathering & site survey; Re-sourcing Skilled individuals; Licensing Assistance and Consultancies; Complete Consulting Services; Comprehensive Training Services.
TThas performed over 60% of the site acquisition, supplied over 75% of the towers, erected over 50% of those towers, and performed the civil works for over 40% of the 1850 plus base stations built in Iraq since 2003. We installed over 50% of the telecom radio and microwave equipment deployed by the 3 GSM operators in Iraq, supplied over 45% of the shelters and power systems and provided complete turnkey services for over 45% of the 2750 plus base stations built in Iraq since 2003.

We provide turnkey services - from site acquisition and engineering support to full project management. We can build your core, your cell sites or we can manage your approved vendors.
  • TThave been involved in design, analysis, execution, inspection and maintenance or rehabilitation of mast and towers for telecommunication infrastructures. We designed and have Baran Cliek, from Turkey, exclusively supply the towers to TTs,
  • TThas the ability to implement telecommunication Infrastructures anywhere in the country, regardless of the distance or terrain difficulties,
  • TTis best positioned to provide our customers with end-to-end services in their multi technology environment. We designed shelters and have the Annab Group manufacture and exclusively supply the shelters to TTs. The power generators we supply are purchased through an Iraqi agent for Cummins, a UK supplier.
  • We help our clients to plan, build, operate and maintain their networks.
  • We have an outstanding record of satisfied customers who repeatedly select and recommend TTs for new and challenging projects.

  • Implemented/setup, Motorola’s GSM network deployment for ORASCOM TELECOM, 780 sites,
  • Implementing Motorola’s GSM network deployment for MTC ATHEER, 1,670 sites.
  • Implementing Huawei GSM network deployment for ASIACELL, 354 sites.
  • Have been awarded contracts for 2 Wireless Local Loop Service Providers in Iraq, 75 sites,
  • TTis the main Turnkey Project contractor and systems integrator for ITISALUNA (1st national CDMA Operator) in Iraq ,204 CDMA sites and 3 switche sites in the Middle and Southern Provinces,
  • TTis the Main O&M Contractor for ITISALUNA’S NATION-WIDE NETWORK.


  1. Installing Harris STRATEX SDH MW links for MTC ATHEER Network Phase 3 North Project.
  2. Installing Harris STRATEX PDH MW links inside Kirkuk for MTC ATHEER Network Phase 3 North Project.
  3. Installing MiniLink microwave PDH Links for ASIACELL network in Southern Iraq.
  4. Installing STRATEX SDH/PDH MW links for MTC ATHEER Network Phase 4 South Project.
  5. Installing MW PDH Any Vendor of operator MiniLinks for ASIACELL network in Southern Iraq through HUAWEI.
  6. Installing MW PDH Nokia Siemens MiniLinks for ASIACELL network in Southern Iraq through HUAWEI.
  7. Installing MW PDH Nokia Siemens MiniLinks for ASIACELL network in Baghdad- Iraq,
  8. Installing MW NEC SDH for ASIACELL network in Baghdad,
  9. Installing MW NEC SDH for IRAQNA network in Baghdad and southern cities.

Telecommunication services

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